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The extraordinary sightsleeping experience

BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH devised the latest marketing model Sightsleeping® for hotels catering for the art and culture spectrum. Sightsleeping® targets art and culture oriented guests and includes the combination of sightseeing and staying overnight.

It stands for hotels which offer accommodation in castles, listed buildings or contemporary hotels which are  worth seeing and feeling experiencing. In order to be accepted by the Sightsleeping brand, hotels have to fulfil certain criteria:

  • Apart from the historical point of view, they are to offer an outstanding and sophisticated interior with drawings, sculptures or paintings, or show exhibitions of contemporary art.
  • Another criteria which is required for acceptance into the Sightsleeping® brand is the proposition of a wide programme of activities such as painting, sculpturing lessons or author readings.
  • Additionally, services for cultural enjoyment must be offered by each hotel.
  • But most of all they must be worth seeing!


Veronika Sgoff 
+49 (0)89 212397-50

Sightsleeping Hotel Castle Wernburg - Copyright BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
Sightsleeping Hotels - Copyright BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH

Hotel Burg Wernberg (92533 Wernberg-Köblitz)

4**** First Class Hotel Hotel

group rate: 90.00 to 110.00 € pp / night
(max 50 persons), Coach parking available  

Hotel Victoria Nürnberg (90402 Nuremberg)


Individualrate: 49.00 to 99.00 € pp / night
(max 50 persons)  

Schloss Burgellern (96110 Scheßlitz)

4**** First Class Hotel Hotel

group rate: 45.00 to 75.00 € pp / night
(max 44 persons), Coach parking available  

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