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The Upper Franconian town of Coburg is situated between the Upper Main Valley to the south and the Thuringian Forest to the north in what is known as the green heart of Germany.

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Coburg, the beautiful North Bavarian town, is situated between the Upper Main Valley and the Thuringian Forest. Town and region are rich with art treasures, castles, palaces and historical buildings, all testimonials of the former duchy Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Due to a veritable marriage policy this House developed into a dynasty by peacefully "conquering" the most significant thrones all over the world, f.e. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert or Princess Sibylla of S-C & G. and the Swedish crown prince Gustav Adolf. The last marriage took place in Coburg. But also other famous persons stayed here, so f.e. Martin Luther - the fortress is one of the most important Martin-Luther-memorials in Germany - and the king of waltz, Johann Strauss Son, who married his third wife in Coburg and died as a Coburg citizen. But Coburg has more to offer than history and museums and collections: it is a centre of famous doll and toy industry, the home of the world-famous Hummel-figurines, offers numerous cultural events, delicious local food, wine and beer tasting and lots of possiblities for leisure, like bicycling, playing golf, skiing, hiking, or relaxing in the spas of Bad Rodach or Bad Staffelstein.

Population: 42.000

Location / Getting there:
By car: A7 or A3 exit Biebelried to Schweinfurt, then take B 303; A73/B4 Nürnberg-Bamberg-Coburg-Erfurt; A9 Berlin-München exit Bayer. Vogtland via Naila (B173) and Kronach (B 303)
By train: station Coburg; next ICE-station: Lichtenfels, about 18kms; Airports: Nuremberg 100kms, Leipzig 200kms, Frankfurt 270kms, Munich 270kms
By coach: to Berlin with "Berlin Linien Bus",about 5 1/2 hours;

Places of Interest: Fortress of Coburg with art collections; Natural Science Museum; Aquarium "Sea Star"; Ehrenburg Palace; Callenberg Castle; Rosenau Castle; Luther-church St. Moriz; Market Square with Prince-Albert-Memorial, town hall and former chancery; Palm house and Rosegarden; Hofgarten (English Garden); Friedrich-Rückert-House; Coburg Doll Museum; Museum of the German Toy Industry with its collection of dolls in traditional costumes; Old Christmas Factory and Historical Christmas Museum; Goebel Museum of porcelain art and Hummel figures; Museum of Modern Glas Art; Deer and wildlife park Schloss Tambach with falconry and Museum for hunting and fishing; medieval town of Seßlach; Museum for peace; Gerätemuseum Alte Schäferei (museum with farmers' tools and implements in a baroque shepard's manor); Regional Library "Landesbibliothek Coburg"; State Theatre; State Archivs.

Suggested Excursions: Coburg town and the fortress; Castles and Palaces in Coburg town and country; A tour in the region of Coburg including spa Bad Rodach, the former border line to East Germany and Neustadt - the Bavarian Doll's Town; The medieval town of Seßlach and its Thuringian neighbour towns Ummerstadt and Helburg; The Upper Main Valley with the German basketmaker's town Lichtenfels and the monasteries Vierzehnheiligen and Banz and a tour to the Staffelberg; Bamberg; Franconian Switzerland; Kronach and the Franconian Forest; the Bavarian beer town Kulmbach; Castles in the Hassberge; Thuringian Forest; Erfurt; Weimar; Gotha; Eisenach; The Franconian Wine Country and Wuerzburg; Bayreuth; - all suggested excursions are day-trips

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