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Holidays in Regensburg

Some people call it “Italy‘s northernmost city", others prefer to describe Regensburg as “Germany‘s medieval miracle". It‘s quite simply a city to love and love to be in.

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Almost entirely undamaged in the Second World War, Regensburg still presents itself to visitors as an intact medieval city. In the Middle Ages, it was among the richest and largest urban centers in Europe. Even today there are over a thousand ancient buildings of two millennia. And which other city can offer a 1,083-foot-long “icon”: the Romanesque stone bridge over the Danube? UNESCO has now recognized the town’s exceptional historical value and added it to its list of World Heritage Site in 2006.

Strongly influenced by Italian urban architecture, the city is much more than just a museum. Narrow streets with their tiny shops and the wide squares with numerous pavement cafés and markets are reminiscent of towns basking in Mediterranean sunshine.

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