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Holidays in Landshut

Landshut could be described as a mosaic of many colourful stones. Here, Gothic magic meets the lively atmosphere of a modern, flourishing city.

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In the heart of the town, the two boulevards of the Old and New Town run parallel to each other. They boast houses and buildings of different styles, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance-Baroque. At one end of the Old Town lies a landmark of Landshut: St. Martin's Church, which has the world's highest brick tower. There is a nice walk called "oxway" leading from the Old Town up a mountain to Trausnitz Castle. Dating back to 1204, it was constantly expanded and offers a lot to discover. In addition, there is a fantastic panoramic view of the city and the Isar River from the castle's balconies. Other sights downtown include the city hall with its large, ornate ceremonial room. And the ducal residence is known as the first Italian Renaissance palace built north of the Alps. Landshut is also home to the largest European Middle Ages festival – the Landshut Wedding. Every four years, the marriage of Duke George and Hedwig, the daughter of the king of Poland, is remembered and celebrated at this festival. The next Landshut Wedding will take place in summer 2009.

Hospitality à la Landshut can be enjoyed at many different places. The town hosts a wealth of traditional pubs, lively mediterranean street cafés, idyllic Bavarian beer gardens and exquisite restaurants that are located behind the picturesque colourful house façades. A trip to Landshut promises a relaxing and interesting time filled with art, culture and Bavarian "Gemütlichkeit".

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